A Domain is your identity

Choosing a Domain name: where to start? Choosing a Domain Name For some time now, you have had a project simmering in your head. You are on the eve of bringing him into the world. Going into business is just the start of a great adventure. You have in your hands a solid business plan to take over the world. Do you have a domain name? Get started!

You are now at the step to building your website. But first, you must choose a Domain name, to begin with a great identifier which will attract your potential buyers to your website .

Over 300 possibilities

You may already be familiar with websites addresses that ends with a .com , .ca or .org . In recent years, a multitude of new extensions, over 300 possibilities , has appeared to allow organizations to specify the sector in which they operate, but above all to give themselves a distinctive appeal to make them stand out from the crowd .

For example, a broadcasting television company may want to choose a Domain ending with .tv , .info , .video strong > or .production . A sporting club could opt for a Domain name ending with a .club , .hockey, .soccer, .ski strong >, .golf and so on. You may have noticed that some municipalities now present their websites with the .quebec. It makes a lot of sense.

It is a storefront of your business on a busy street.

The domain name is your identity. It is the window of your store located on a very busy street. The originality in your choice is important and essential to get noticed. The clearer your domain name is, the more search engines will facilitate your site’s referencing. Your target customers will find you more easily. Be original and stand out!

Whenever you have made your choice, check its availability and buy it . A Domain name can be purchased for one year or for a longer period of time ranging from 2 years to 10 years.

Once you own your new Domain name, the next step is to choose the best suited web hosting plan that for your project an start your website and create your email addresses. You have questions, call me!

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