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Did you know that over 41% of the 10 million most visited websites in the world have been developed on the WordPress platform?

The WordPress platform is a simple and flexible content distribution tool for your web project. It’s the right choice of the hour!

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34.97% of all Domain Names use the extension .com. That’s over 167,690,526 million websites.
Source: domainnamestat.com

.com, .ca, .net, .io  – What type of Domain Name should you choose? Choosing your Domain Name is a strategic decision. Your choice of name is no longer available. Rest assured, there are over 300 possible suffixes. Consult them!

We will guide you, step by step, until you become the owner of your Domain Name.

We offer you a .com free of charge for the first year with a prepaid agreement.

Migration | Transfer of your WordPress site
We offer it to you free of charge with a prepaid agreement.

Did you know that the loading time of a webpage should not exceed 3 seconds?

Many organizations have lost large sums of income with a slow site.
Source: www.fastcompany.com

Your web project needs more performance to better serve your customers? Our management and metrics tools tell us what needs to be done to optimize your hosting service. Our packages are absolutely the right choice!

Custom Web Design
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Did you know that it only takes
0.05 seconds for Internet users to form an opinion on your website?
Source: www.8ways.ch

Presenting yourself well during a first interview is crucial. The same goes for the Design of your site.

The look and quality of your content are intimately linked to the loading speed of pages of your site and to the success of your web project.

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For a web project to be efficient and optimized, you need a team of web hosting and cloud management experts to administer it in complete security.

Your starting up or growing up web project has its own technological needs. Whether you are a newbie or a experimented of the web, we have complete hosting solutions designed for you! Our experts are listening and act promptly to ensure the success of your web project.

Our cloud management experts can guide you to optimize your WordPress website, your eCommerce or web application or also your web infrastructure. We have the analysis tools and knowledge to help you go far.

We are experts in web hosting and cloud management.

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