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Get started on your DIGITAL ADVENTURE with any of our Web Hosting Services offers by DATAenligne We’ll be with you every step of the way to great success. Your digital journey is an epic journey where, day after day, your online identity gains credibility as your customers engage with you. With DATAenligne, take advantage of our experienced technical team to get started. Our web hosting services offer your web project simplicity, performance and scalability that comes with our Managed Hosting Services.

HOW FAR YOU WILL GO – The digital adventure is your own journey. We’ll help you make your web project a success. DATAenligne’s web experts offer you all their know-how and creative talent in the evolution of your web project.


Our web experts create infinite possibilities. Let us advise you before you take your first steps on your digital journey, so we can offer you the Web Hosting Solution and Services best suited to your needs with your Website Hosting Services.

The first step in creating your online presence and embarking on your digital adventure!

Transfer an existing domain name and simplify management of all your hosting services.

Automatically renew a domain name to avoid losing ownership.

Choose the perfect SSL Certificate to secure exchanges from your website.

Create a website or online store with a scalable WordPress hosting service.

Discover the advantages and power of a solution that multiplies at every traffic peak.

Collaborate and share files with your colleagues using the Nextcloud application.

Customize the power of your Virtual Private Server according to the needs of your web project.

Discover the possibilities offered by an advanced solution for your large-scale project.


Opt for a monitoring plan and combine it with a management plan for your hosted solution, and enjoy peace of mind. For special projects, we offer customized web hosting services tailored to your web project.

Customize the services you require from the 3 levels of remote monitoring available for your project.

Discover the difference between the 2 service levels to support your hosting solution.

Contact us to realize your web project for installation, configuration, migration, deployment and +++.

Why choose DATAenligne as your trusted partner?
for your web hosting solutions and services?

Our team of web hosting experts understands the nuances of a digital journey. We place great importance on the quality of the services we offer to guide you through every step of your adventure.

DATAenligne stands out for its ability to offer customized, scalable solutions tailored to the specific needs of your web project. This ensures that your online presence remains optimized to satisfy your target audience.

Take advantage of our ultra-fast, reliable web hosting solutions to offer your target customers the best interactive experiences on your website or web application.

Free yourself from the technical hassle of managing your web hosting service. DATAenligne takes care of remote monitoring and administration to ensure the reliability and availability of your web hosting.

You can rest easy knowing that your website is protected by an SSL Security Certificate. What’s more, our team has put in place preventive measures to block access to your service in the event of repeated unsuccessful access attempts.

Collaborate effectively with your team or customers with a secure online workspace hosted in Quebec. Simplify file, calendar and communication sharing.

DATAenligne cares about your success and offers a responsive and efficient support service to resolve any type of unplanned incident that could cause service interruption or to answer your questions quickly.

Put your trust in a local company that has won the hearts of its customers, as evidenced by the many positive feedbacks from those who have benefited from our services.

Choose a partner who values transparency and integrity in their commitments, in their terms and conditions, and in their confidentiality policy, respectful of their customers and the mission they entrust to us.

Staying at the cutting edge of technology is what DATAenligne does in its research and innovation technology laboratory. Our aim is to offer you ever more effective and efficient solutions.

We believe it’s advantageous to display our web hosting solutions as well as our cloud management services priced in Canadian dollars. It’s a clear advantage for companies here and elsewhere to develop their web projects with confidence.