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Hosts file: what does it stand for?

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le fichier hostfile
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Hosts file: what does it stand for?

The Hosts file has the function of indicating to your computer the path to follow to reach an IP address or a domain name of a website. Hosts file: what does it stand for?

By default, the Hosts file will tell your browser to display the content of the requested website in the web navigation bar.

What is the use of modifying this file?

The Hosts file allows you to register an exception that allows you to ignore the default route by forcing your browser to go to another IP address.

This function is useful when you have a development site hosted in another server and whose IP address differs from the production site. By adding an exception, you will force your computer to go through the specified path as shown in the following table.

To edit your Hosts file, here are instructions you can follow for a computer running MacOS or Windows:

YouTubeTutorial pour MacOS

YouTubeTutorial pour Windows

For MacOS users, here are the commands to use in your Terminal application to access the Hosts file:
to access the Hosts file: sudo nano /etc/hosts
than flush the DNS Cache with this command : sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

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