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What is web hosting?

Qu'est-ce que l'hébergement web? Distinguez le partagé ou le mutualisé, le VPS, le dédié ou l'hébergement WordPress. Découvrez DATAenligne.

What is web hosting? Entering the digital world can be a daunting task for organizations and creators wishing to make their presence felt on the Web. At the heart of this adventure, web hosting proves to be a fundamental pillar, essential to the realization of their digital journey. This article is intended as an exploration […]

How hard is it to manage a VPS?

Difficultés gestion VPS

How hard is it to manage a VPS? Digital technologies are changing and evolving faster and faster. This enhances the possibilities of Web Hosting. Choosing the right Virtual private server (VPS) can be a challenging or intimidating adventure. Why would you want to embark on this technological journey on your own or with someone else? […]

The DNS Zone: what is it?

Qu'est-ce que la Zone DNS

The DNS Zone: what is it? What is a DNS zone? What is it for? How do I get there? And why? These are good questions that deserve simple answers. There’s nothing like a definition to help you understand. The acronym DNS stands for “Domain Name System”, which essentially represents the record fields in a […]

VPN vs. VPS: What’s the difference?

VPS vs VPN DATAenligne

VPN vs. VPS: What’s the difference? Optimize your efficiency and maximize your power in this digital world: understand the difference between a VPS and a VPN. In an ever-changing technological landscape where data management, privacy and online security are at the forefront, it’s essential to understand the fundamental distinctions between two commonly used acronyms. VPN […]

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

VPS géré DATAenligne Managed VPS

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)? The power of a Virtual Private Server (VPS) combined with cloud management services: an essential digital strategy In a constantly evolving technological context, organizations must rapidly adapt their ways of doing things to respond effectively to customer demands in an ultra-competitive digital marketplace. One of the most powerful […]

Interview with Elie

Interview with Elie I had the pleasure of conducting an initial interview with Elie Geha, digital growth expert at ATM Promo. In a recent interview between an SEO expert and a web hosting expert, we’d like to share our insights and expertise to help you get started on your digital journey. This discussion highlights the […]

Hosts file: what does it stand for?

le fichier hostfile

Hosts file: what does it stand for? The Hosts file has the function of indicating to your computer the path to follow to reach an IP address or a domain name of a website. Hosts file: what does it stand for? By default, the Hosts file will tell your browser to display the content of […]

Interview with Stéphane

Interviews Dataenligne et Stéphane

Interview with Stéphane Gaining the trust of new customers is a daily challenge for any business. At DATAenligne, we’re no exception. This interview with Stéphane is testimony to that. We believe that the success of our clients is closely linked to the quality of services that we provide. Through our actions and our availability, we […]

Cloud Computing: DATAenligne’s Expert Insights

L'homme derrière la machine

Cloud Computing: DATAenligne’s Expert Insights Cloud computing: machines and people. We hear about it as we imagine it, but do you know what the famous Cloud is based on ? In reality, the foundation of the internet is based on cloud hosting services and cloud management. Turbulence into the Cloud is a whole different subject […]

Interview with Stéphanie

Interviews avec Stéphanie et DATAenligne

Interview with Stéphanie Make the move Make the move Every entrepreneur works hard to gain the trust of new customers. We are no exception. The experience we want to deliver to our customers throughout the change process is service-oriented. I’ve said many times that web hosting is anything but a convenience product. Make the move […]