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Interview with Elie

I had the pleasure of conducting an initial interview with Elie Geha, digital growth expert at ATM Promo.

In a recent interview between an SEO expert and a web hosting expert, we’d like to share our insights and expertise to help you get started on your digital journey. This discussion highlights the importance of collaboration between these two key areas to ensure the success and presence of your project on the web.

Here are the topics covered

  • Domain Names
  • Shared vs. dedicated hosting plans
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Email account
  • Content and SEO
  • Digital strategy and tactics
  • Informational and/or transactional website with WordPress

The simplicity of this exchange underlines the importance of a good web hosting service to guarantee site performance. Choosing a reliable web host isn’t just about fast loading times, high availability or a robust web hosting package. It’s also about the quality of the services we offer. Web hosting is the foundation on which your entire online strategy rests. SEO is a logical extension of your web hosting service.

Watch this interview with Elie (in French)

The SEO expert demonstrates that keyword research is an important step in SEO. He recommends building a combined strategy based on solid content and online advertising support. The more solid content we have, the more our keyword results will optimize the site to achieve our online presence objectives.

Together, we’re convinced that the speed and flexibility of growth of a hosting service are essential to delivering the best interactive experiences on both desktop and mobile devices.

What’s more, you should always be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Daily backups of your web project are our responsibility to ensure continuity of service in the event of a problem. The same applies to your site’s credibility: you need an SSL security certificate to guarantee the security of sensitive information exchanged on your site.

When it comes to content, the SEO expert stresses the importance of quality over quantity. He advised producing content that is informative, relevant and unique to visitors, while avoiding keyword stuffing practices.

To conclude

Finally, we believe that performance monitoring is crucial both for the hardware resources of the hosting service powering the site, and for the work of analyzing interactions on every page of your site. All this data combined allows you to adjust your strategy along the way to improve results and move forward on your digital journey.

This interview with Elie highlights the importance of collaboration between a web hosting expert and an SEO expert. Our aim is to support you throughout your digital journey.

In our view, quality web hosting solutions and services combined with optimized SEO activities need constant attention to open the doors to the next stage of your digital journey.

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