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THE ADVANCED SOLUTION is a crucial step in an organization’s digital journey. At DATAenligne, we use Proxmox technology to develop managed infrastructures and virtualized environments tailored to the specific needs of each web project. This enables us to offer isolated, high-performance and flexible environments. The digital adventure is booming. HOW FAR WILL YOU GO?

What is an

The advanced solution provides your project with a tailor-made web infrastructure that will adapt perfectly to the technological needs of today and tomorrow.

Depending on the technological requirements of your web project, the advanced solution is based on dedicated physical servers interconnected in one or more data centers.

advanced solution
in brief

At DATAenligne, we prefer to deploy the Proxmox virtualization and infrastructure management solution. This open-source solution is recognized for its robustness, flexibility and lower cost than other virtualization products.

The essentials of an advanced solution

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
Web | DB | Files | E-mails | Other

Isolated environments: Isolate different services (web, db, files, …) to improve security and performance.

Dedicated resources: Precise allocation of resources (CPU, RAM, storage) for each virtual server according to its specific needs.

Firewalls and anti-ddos: The use of firewalls and proxies adds reinforced protection combined with customized security rules that filter access requests and queries for each application and service. To counter the increasingly frequent DDOS attacks on the web, the data center protects the advanced solution with this advanced security measure.

Automated backups: A copy of each environment is kept on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This automated backup is performed both locally and off-site to ensure rapid restoration in the event of a problem.

Optimized functions and services

Towards "zero" tolerance

Replication and synchronization: Ensures data availability and the solution’s ability to withstand breakdowns and recover quickly in the event of a problem.

Load balancers (LB): Load balancers enables traffic to be distributed efficiently, optimizing the performance of the solution as a whole.

High Availability (HA): Setting up redundant HA configurations to ensure service continuity in the event of failure.

Flexibility for growth: The advanced solution offers the possibility of increasing resources horizontally (adding new servers) and/or vertically (increasing the resources of existing servers).

Desaster Recovery Site: Geographically, replication can be made to a remote site to increase protection against disruptive events or local disasters.

Essential services

Management hosting services: An advanced solution requires continuous infrastructure monitoring services to detect and prevent problems before they occur. Web Management Hosting Services keep an eye on the entire solution, as well as ensuring that systems and software security updates are kept up to date.

Support and maintenance: Access to technical support is available via the ticketing service, enabling us to answer your questions and resolve them quickly.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Since every web project has its own specific needs, it’s possible to draw up a service contract that guarantees precise, measurable service levels.



Your web project has come a long way since its early days. The context has changed, forcing you to make technological changes to maintain your momentum. An advanced, customized solution is required.

Our specialized web infrastructure architects work with you to define the project and propose a customized hosting infrastructure.

Our experts analyze and validate the software and hardware requirements of each project before designing an advanced solution.

An advanced, custom-designed solution includes:

  • Analysis of your web project’s technological needs
  • Design and conception of a scalable web infrastructure
  • Infrastructure-as-Code (scripts customized to the needs of your web project)
  • Process automation – Self-healing (deployment, updates, advanced monitoring)
  • Installation, configuration, testing and migration
  • Customized management (3 levels available) with process automation and standardization

An advanced solution gives you greater control over recurring operating costs, with no surprises.

We support you on your digital journey to create and propel the best interactive experiences on the web.



While respecting the software and hardware requirements of your web project, our architects assess your needs and challenges to design a complete solution that is high-performance, cost-effective and scalable.


Once approved, our technicians and system managers begin work on installing each element of the advanced solution. This includes the installation of our monitoring, replication and backup tools, as well as all quality tests.


Before the new solution goes live, data and software migration is carried out in collaboration with your team. A period of testing is required to ensure that everything runs smoothly and to everyone’s satisfaction. Commissioning will follow, and we’ll activate our remote monitoring system.

made to measure

exclusive to your web project

Cluster Web



79595 $/mois
2x VM Firewall
1x VM
Managed Services - N1
1x VM BD
1x Replication
Installation not included
WordPress Multiplicator



19595 $/mois
Node elasticity
Transfer per GB at $0.05
vCPU + vRAM flexibility
Managed Services - N1
Installation not included
High Availability HA

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Our monitoring tools accumulate DATA to better understand the behavior of your web project on hardware resources.

Understanding is optimizing


An advanced solution may use sophisticated technologies, such as dedicated or virtual servers, advanced firewalls, CDNs, SSL/TLS certificates, caching systems, advanced databases, monitoring tools, virtualization, containerization and other features. The aim is to guarantee high performance, enhanced security and efficient management of hosted websites and applications.

An advanced solution may use sophisticated technologies, such as dedicated or virtual servers (VPS), advanced firewalls, CDNs, SSL/TLS certificates, caching systems, advanced databases, monitoring tools, virtualization, containerization and others. The aim is to guarantee high performance, enhanced security and efficient management of hosted websites and applications.

We recommend upgrading to an advanced solution when your website or application exceeds the capabilities of basic hosting. The popularity of your web project increases traffic, or it requires higher performance and more advanced management services. Needs assessment by web hosting and cloud management experts will help you decide when to migrate to an advanced solution.

Our advanced solutions come with Level 1 cloud management services. This includes monitoring and telemetry of hardware and software resources to ensure service availability, data backups, as well as security and critical updates for each environment. This allows customers to concentrate on developing their website or application, while leaving technical management to the experts. Depending on customer requirements, other service levels are available.

Our cloud management services are priced in Canadian dollars. This gives you a clear advantage to start and develop your web project with confidence.