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The DNS Zone: what is it?

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Qu'est-ce que la Zone DNS
Etienne F. Carrier

Etienne F. Carrier

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The DNS Zone: what is it?

What is a DNS zone? What is it for? How do I get there? And why? These are good questions that deserve simple answers. There’s nothing like a definition to help you understand.

The acronym DNS stands for “Domain Name System”, which essentially represents the record fields in a database underlying a Domain Name. This database is used to enter information in order to indicate and direct a request or query to the appropriate destination. So, what is the DNS Zone? Here are the main records :

The DNS Zone Records

Record A – (Address Record): This field is used to associate a Domain Name with an IP Address of IPv4 generation. This is the record most often used in the DNS zone to direct a domain name to an IP address.

AAAA Record – (IPv6 Address Record): Similar to the A record, this field is used to associate a Domain name with an IPv6 address, which is gradually becoming the new standard for Internet IP addresses.

CNAME Record – (Canonical Name): This field is actually an alias for an A record. It allows a Domain to be known by several Domain names. This record is very useful for services that frequently change IP address.

MX Record – (Mail Exchange): The function of this record is to tell mail servers which path to take to ensure that e-mail from a Domain name is received by mail services.

NS Record – (Name Server): This record designates the servers where Domain names wish to indicate their place of residence. These servers are responsible for providing DNS information for the specified Domain.

PTR Record – (Pointer Record): Used for reverse resolution, associating an IP address with a Domain name. This record is mainly used to configure public IP addresses.

SOA Record – (Start of Authority): Contains information about the DSN Zone, including the primary server ID, DNS Zone administrator email, DNS Zone file version, etc.

TXT Record – (Text): This field contains arbitrary text associated with a Domain name. The TXT record is often used to store textual information, such as verification keys for SPF (Sender Policy Framework) services for e-mail management.

SRV Registration – (Service): The SRV registration function allows you to specify the location of services available in the Domain. This field is mainly used for communication services such as Voice over IP (VoIP).

SPF registration – (Sender Policy Framework): Used to specify the servers authorized to send e-mail for a Domain name. By adding the appropriate information in this field, the domain name improves the e-mail communication experience by helping to fight spam and verify the authenticity of e-mails.

Each record in the DNS Zone plays a very specific role for a Domain name to specify a management function that concerns various aspects of connectivity, messaging, security and other online services required by an organization.

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Why entrust DNS zone management to Web experts?

Throughout your digital adventure, it’s possible that the evolution of your web project will require the addition of new entries in the DNS Zone record fields of your Domain name. Although you have self-service access to some of these fields in your Customer Area, where you can add or modify directives, many organizations prefer to delegate this responsibility to their web partner, who has in-depth expertise in DNS Zone management. But the benefits of calling in the experts go far beyond that. Here are a few other reasons why you should outsource this key function to ensure the success of your web project.

Strategic support for your digital adventure

As your organization evolves in an ever-changing digital environment, access to a team of experts dedicated to your web project becomes a strategic resource. The DNS Zone acts as a guide, responsible for directing your web project information to the appropriate destinations. It’s therefore a good idea to have a team with the necessary skills to manage the DNS zone, to ensure that every record is correctly configured, and to guarantee the smooth running of this digital asset.

Strengthening digital security

Entrusting the management of the DNS Zone to experts is a sensible way of significantly strengthening digital security. By implementing advanced security protocols such as DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) – a cryptographic signature ensuring the security of data exchanged over the web – this team guarantees robust protection of your domain name against constantly evolving threats. Among the most common threats, DNS bypass can be countered by effective DNS zone management. By consolidating this digital security, organizations can navigate the digital world with confidence, knowing that their digital assets are optimally protected.

Access to cutting-edge technical knowledge

DNS Zone management requires in-depth technical expertise. Outsourcing this key function to a team of experts gives companies direct access to this expertise, enabling them to set up advanced, optimized configurations with a view to ongoing management. What’s more, delegating this responsibility frees up your internal resources to concentrate on strategic tasks without having to worry about this technical aspect. Our experience and technical expertise are geared towards facilitating the evolution and growth of your web project on your digital adventure.

To conclude

In this fast-changing digital world, the importance of having access to a team of experts to support you at every stage of your digital adventure cannot be underestimated. From enhanced security to technological foresight, outsourcing DNS zone management is becoming a strategic choice to enable organizations to thrive in an ever-changing digital environment. Now you can answer the question: what is a DNS Zone? Take advantage of the collaboration of our Cloud Management Experts who are dedicated to your web project to ensure the reputation of your Domain name so that everyone can browse the site with confidence.

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