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Shared hosting

Popular Web Hosting solutions are known to be as «Shared» hosting is a type of web hosting service where several clients share the available resources of a unique server. Have you ever ask yourself what is behind its low price?

To maximize their profits, some web hosting companies tend to fill a server to full capacity at the expense of quality of service. By comparison, one could easily see a resemblance to the pre-COVID practices of certain organizations. For example, in the sector of travel industry some practice the (overbooking) (article in French) of plane tickets or hotel rooms. In the end, it is always the customers who suffer the consequences.

Shared hosting is not that different. It makes it possible to offer web hosting at very low prices and to a large number of customers. They will share the resources of the same server. Are you aware of the risks and the negative effects that this could have on your site? And what about the experience that your customers could have if the site of one of your roommates consumes too much memory (RAM) or that it requires intensely processor (CPU) resources.

Imagine for a moment renting an apartment in a building of 15 floors in which there are 8 apartments per floor. The price asked for the rental of your accommodation is ridiculously low. So, what is behind this low price?

You realize that your beautiful apartment is part of a shared concept that offers only one bathroom for the whole building. What happens when one of them throws a big party where dozens of guests are expected?

The most powerful of shared hosting services

At DATAenligne, we do not believe in this shared hosting model. We offer the most powerful of shared hosting services. Our architects have designed the Startup Plan that it is scalable and that it guarantees you accessibility to your resources at all times.

  • up to 2 GB of RAM (vRAM)
  • up to 100% of a two (2) processor (vCPU) capable of handling up to 100 simultaneous requests.
  • of storage space on our SSD drives at a speed of 8 MB /second in I/O *.

*The I/O refers to the speed of reading and writing (input/output) on the SSD disk.

For your Online Boutique, we are doubling the resources for better performance.

Recently, a consultant specializing in website optimization confirmed that he rarely saw such a fast response time efficiency with shared hosting. We are very proud of it.

When choosing your web hosting service, ask yourself what’s hidding behind its low price.


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