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Etienne F. Carrier

Etienne F. Carrier

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Protect your sensitive data

Protect your sensitive data, it’s your responsibility. Long before the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the media already reported numerous cases of cyber attacks. Victims are no longer limited to government organizations or large companies. Cyber attacks has become a nightmare for the simple internet user. Sometimes, becomes accomplice without even knowing it. Protect your sensitive data is important.

You probably heard stories around you of people being victim of a hacker. Perhaps you even received suspicious emails from a friend asking you to open an attached file. You had that reflex to verify with your friend if this was coming form his and realize it was the work of a pirate. This example is typical of a trap or computer scam.

Some company employees received fake emails from their supposely supervisor who was asking for a quick money transfer to paid a supplier. The trick used by the hacker was to change the first character of the Domain name of a company whose name begins with the letter i or o. By replacing this letter with the number 1 or 0, the employee couldn’t see the cunning. The received email was very credible in the eyes of the employee. This trap did cost a lot to many organizations.

Are you safe from any type of cyber attack?

The hacker is a very creative mind and he will try, by all means, to propagate his Machiavellian projects on the web for he own benefit.

Start to ask yourself on the authenticity of any emails origin before you even open a file or click on a link. In doubt, contact the sender.

You can proceed with the installing of an antivirus software on your computer. If you keep it up to date, it should alert you and block most threats received by email.

The hacker will exploit any weaknesses that he encounters on his way. Whether by detecting the usage of an obsolete version of a program or an application that hasn’t been updated for some time, he will take advantage of this negligence.

The world we now live in should forces us to take responsibility on aspects we control. Protect your sensitive data to avoid any type of traps or scams.

How do you manage your passwords ? The next article is about the Password change policy.

The protection policy on our web hosting services at DATAenligne:

After 3 unsuccessful attempts to access your account,
we will block systematically the IP address to protect your service with us.

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