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Which solution suits best your web project?

Web Hosting Solutions

Choose a web solution plan, customize it according to the requirements of your site or your web application and go to the Cloud.

For a solution that requires even more power and performance, contact us.


Design for a web site
WordPress, Joomla or Drupal
95 $ /Month
  • 2 GB vSSD
  • 100 GB BW
  • 1 SQL & 1 FTP
  • 100% vCPUs-1GB vRAM
Starting at


Virtual Private Server
Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP​
50 $ /Month
  • 2 vCPU
  • 2 GB vRAM
  • 10 GB SSD
  • CentOS7 | LAMP
Starting at

Be creative!
We have over 300 possibilities for a domain name.

Buy, transfer or renew your Domain Name with DATAenligne
web hosting products & solutions delivered with managed services

Above all, Web hosting is about services. It's not a commodity.​

Our web hosting products and solutions were designed to provide creative minds with endless possibilities.

Dare and launch yourself up in the Cloud! Your adventure on the web begins with choice of a Domain Name. Did you know you have a multitude of possibilities at your disposal. Be original and stand out!

DATAenligne’s Web Hosting Solutions are scalable platforms that allow you to scale up as your web project gains in popularity. All our Web Hosting Solutions are delivered with full managed services.

We are at your service to put your web project online.

We drive ideas to the web.

A virtual private server (VPS)

for more power & more performance

Perfect combinaison

Choose the perfect combination of virtual processors (vCPU) and random access memory (vRAM) for your web project. Pay only for the amount of disk space (vSSD) that you actually need. Adjust your wetsuit for more power and performance when needed.

It’s quick and easy!


We are on the lookout and watch over your Dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS) 24/7/365. Critical updates to your SVD are our responsibility as is safeguarding your service. Your service is backed up daily, weekly and monthly.

We take care of everything!


We have the team and the expertise to guide your development team in optimizing your site or your web application. Our Monitoring tools provide us with statistics and detailed information on the behavior of your site or your web application on the hardware resources.

We go proactive for you!

SSL Certificate

You want credibility for your Domain Name: SSL security certificate will do it.

Connect an SSL Certificate to your Domain Name is a good action to give it credibility.

The SSL Certificate protects your Domain Name against certain security breaches, protects the exchange of sensitive information and, in addition, it increase the perception of trust of your customers as well as your partners towards your organization.

Which SSL Certificate is best for your web project?


00 $ /Year
  • Encryption 2048 bits
  • With or without www


00$ /Year
  • Encryption 2048 bits
  • Domain and sub-domains
Available 2 years

For an advanced solution, contact us!

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