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Managed Hosting Services tailored to your web project

Our team of web hosting management are experts that offers you their technical skills to install, optimize, maintain, backup and monitor your hosted environment. Our managed web hosting services and solutions are oriented toward your project to let you focus on your business instead of the day-to-day technical aspects of your hosting services.

We have experts who can advise you on the technological choices available to you, but also others who can design and deploy a hosted environment adapted to your web project.

Projects such as the migration to a new environment or the commissioning of a backup environment or to update the operating systems and software of one or more servers are part of our services.

We are at your service to ensure the continuity of your business.

We drive ideas to the web.

Design Installation Setup Migration Deployment Monitoring Support Proactivity Backup Optimization

Which web hosting management service fit best your needs?

Choose a Monitoring Service and/or a Managed Hosting Service to avoid prevent problems on your server.

To obtain service on an advanced or a complex solution, contact us.


Level 1 - par server
(physical or virtual)
00 $ /Month
  • Resource monitoring
  • Resource monitoring
  • Alerts and action plan
  • Communication ports


Level 1 - par server
(physical or virtual)
00 $ /Month
  • Linux | Windows
  • Critical Updates
  • Security Updates
  • Apache, MySQL, PHP (AMP)*
  • PHP (AMP)*
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Customized web infrastructure​



Replication & Backup

Assess Your Risks Before A Problem Occurs!

The continuity of your business is critical when nothing is working.

Prepare now!

Evaluate Your Risks Before A Problem Occurs!

Business continuity is critical when nothing is working.

Prepare now!

For an advanced solution, contact us!

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