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Trusted team, this is an interview with Stéphane on his customer experience with DATAenligne since he took the decision to move his website.
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My trusted team

Gaining the trust of new customers is a daily challenge for any business. At DATAenligne, we are no exception. This interview with Stéphane is an interesting testimony.

We believe that the success of our clients is closely linked to the quality of services that we provide. Through our actions and our availability, we work hard to be an essential link to the success of your web project rather than an ordinary web hosting service provider.

We approach each web project as if they were our own. Most small businesses don’t have the knowledge or expertise of our “Geeks” in cloud management to upload their web project startup or to move it to a solution growing for who will meet the increase in demand. We are your team of cloud management experts.

I would like to share a customer experience of one of our clients.


A few years ago, Stéphane Guindon, an owner of a physiotherapy and osteopathy clinic, had difficulties with his hosting supplier and he had to take a decision to move his web site and Domain Names. Since August 2018, Stéphane is a customer of DATAenligne and he has agreed to share a testimonial into our blog.

Etienne F. Carrier (EFC)

Thank you, Stéphane for taking your time to share your DATAenligne experience. To set the table, could you present your web project and the situation you were in before choosing DATAenligne ?

Stéphane Guindon (SG)

Certainly! When I launched my rehabilitation care and treatment clinic, a friend helped me to start my website. He was also hosting my web site on a server located in his house. At first everything was fine, but over time the site started having problems.

As technology is not my specialty, I referred to this friend a lot. Over time, I quickly realized that his technical expertise in website hosting no longer matched the requirements of my web project. I feared that this would become a handicap for my business. The site was having problems with the transactional portion which did not seem to meet web protection standards. He was talking to me and telling me that everything was fine that the site showed no sign that it had a SSL security certificate. It was getting really worrying.

I quickly realized that I had to make quick changes to my hosting service and to my website in order to better serve my regional clients.

I had to find a technical resource to ensure the accessibility of my website, but also skills in creation and integration to correct and improve my website.

This step was an essential prerequisite to increase the visibility of my clinic on the web and income.


How did the transition go?


I did some research first to find what I was looking for, but most didn’t meet my basic expectations. I called on my network of business contacts who told me about DATAenligne.

Rather than moving a defective site, I opted for a complete site redesign. A marketing specialist piloted the project and it was the web creation and integration team of DATAenligne who developed it and put it online.

It’s so reassuring to be able to work with your technical team and your web creative team.


Since the launch of this website, how would you describe DATAenligne services?


I believe that DATAenligne provides one of the best customer service I have received. I remember a certain Friday evening when I had a technical problem. Not knowing how to solve it, I called DATAenligne. Honestly, I was convinced to fall into a voicemail. But no! They got back to me and solved my problem.

Equally efficient is the response time by the support team via the ticket office. And that’s not to mention the valuable advice that I have received over time.

Moreover, we recently launched a new version of the site As soon as I approved the work, the new site was live.


Have you been able to quantify your gains since this change?


Obviously! My customers who come from my website represent approximately 2/3 of my turnover. I saw my statistics of traffic increase significantly between my first version of the site and the one that we recently put online. We still have work to do, but the visibility of my site on the web is growing. I see this when making appointments from the site.

It’s day and night between the experience I had in the past and the one I have today. Leaving aside my website, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that, since 2018, working with DATA enligne has been one of the best decisions that I took. I have great confidence in the team and I feel that the team cares about the success of my company. This is my trusted team.


Thank you Stephane for your testimony.

Etienne F. Carrier

Etienne F. Carrier

DATAenligne inc.

Experts en hébergement web et en gestion nuagique

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