Dedicated Virtual Server
(fully managed)


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VPS - Dedicated Virtual Server - fully managed

DATAenligne offers you fast, reliable and scalable Dedicated Virtual Servers that are fully managed and administered.

A Dedicated Virtual Server offers your web project all the material resources. It’s up to you to choose the server that best suits your project. The Dedicated Virtual Server is efficient, fast and it offers the flexibility to scale up in just 1-click. All our servers are managed and administered by our experts in a redundant* infrastructure.

* In data processing, data redundancy is: "the duplication of an element essential to the normal functioning of the data processing system, with a view to compensating for the possible failure of this element and thus ensuring the continuity of a vital computer function".

source: OQLF.qc.ca

Treat yourself to the power of a
Dedicated Virtual Server (VPS)
for speed and flexibility of growth.

Monthly or prepaid plan
Prices are in CAD (plus taxes).

A one-time installation fee of $75.00 applies on all VPS. Applicable taxes are in extra.

far and quickly

Propel your ideas to success


Our servers are equipped with SSD disks to increase the performance and speed of database queries and display time.


In 1-click, quickly migrate to a more powerful Virtual Dedicated Server (VPS) to meet the growing demand for your website or online store.

Managed services and redundancy

To ensure the continuity of your hosted service, our infrastructure has been designed on the principle of hardware redundancy. In addition, we watch over your server to guarantee the availability of your service.

Scalable VPS Servers

for growing web projects

Our Dedicated Virtual Servers (VPS) are perfect for growing web projects.

The power of the dedicated virtual server (VPS)for your web project.

Customize it according to the technological requirements of your website or your web application.

You web project is gaining popularity and it requires more resources. Double your power!

In a few minutes, we will migrate your site to a dedicated virtual server offering you more power.

Our monitoring tools are on the alert 24/7/365. If a problem arises with the equipment, we will receive an alert and we will act immediately to move your virtual dedicated server to a new environment without you even realizing it.

All of our web hosting packages includecloud management services from DATAenline. Your Dedicated Virtual Server is delivered to you with:

  • surveillance of material and virtual resources
  • monitoring of critical web services
  • commissioning of alerts with its action plan
  • management of communication ports
  • automatic installation of critical and security (LAMP) updates
  • installation on demand of updates to Apache, PHP and MySQL (AMP)
  • local and off-site backups of your VPS

Our team is at your service to guide or help you put your web project online. We are committed to making your project a success.

Our goal is to provide your customers with the best interactive experiences on your website or web application.

Customize your VPS

If the needs of your project do not fit into our dedicated virtual servers, it is because we need to talk to each other for a personalized solution.

Our experts advise you on the best technological choices in addition to the conception and design of an infrastructure specific to your needs.

We are experts in web hosting and cloud management.

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Essential features
for your Web Site

SSL Security Certificate

Included with our VPS

A basic SSL Security Certificate is accessible from the cPanel control panel of your VPS. It installs easily. If this Certificate does not meet the requirements of your web project, we have other choices available.

cPanel Control Panel

The cPanel control panel gives you the flexibility to manage a multitude of items on your server. In addition, this user-friendly interface provides you with basic usage statistics to help you manage the progress of your web project.


Send your emails anywhere in the world through our securSMTP email sending server. All of our VPSs include 1000 sends secure emails per month. Add option available.


It is on a daily, weekly and monthly basis that we safeguard your data locally and off-site in order to restore them quickly in the event of a problem.

Customer Area

Your control panel Customer area allows you to do the track your invoices, open support requests, manage your users, or purchase a complete service. And more …  

Hardware redundancy

In order to ensure the availability of your service, we have designed our infrastructure on the principle of redundant. This allows you to move your service quickly to a new server in the event of a breakdown.

Cloud management

Our monitoring tools continuously monitor the availability of your service. The critical and security updates are installed by our team to ensure the reliability of your service. It’s cloud management.

Support 24/7

You need assistance, our experts are here to help. At any time, you can make a support request via the ticket office from your Client Area.

Go to higherperformance!

Go to higherperformance!

Whether you are a novice or an experienced, we are at your service to answer your questions and help you achieve your web project.

Get expert help and we'll get back to you.

We are here
for you

Whether you are a novice or an experienced, we are at your service to answer your questions and help you achieve your web project.

Get expert help and we'll get back to you.

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