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Over 300 possible extensions for your new Domain name. Be creative!

For the FIRST YEAR, get your Domain Name .com for only $ 11.85 (plus taxes) or FREE on a prepaid agreement.

Stand out with
a Domain Name
that offers an originalextension

Stand out with
a Domain Name
that offers an originalextension

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a Domain to DATAenligne

Step 1 - EPP Code

Contact your registrar to unblock the Domain and obtain the Transfer Authorization Code (EPP) of the Domain to be transferred.

Step 2 - Request for transfer

Open a session in the Customer Area and enter the Domain Name to transfer and click on Transfer. The next page, you will be ask to enter the Transfer Code (EPP). Add it to the Cart. Complete the requested information and the transaction. Note that transfer fees vary according to the types of TLD Domains.

Step 3 - Confirmation

Check your mailbox. An email has been sent to you asking you to confirm the transfer of your Domain Name.

Step 4 - Transfer

The transfer time vary from a few minutes to 48 hours. Once completed, we will notify you by email.

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Buy or transfer a Domain Name with DATAenligne.

Fast, Reliable and Supported

Buy or transfer a Domain Name with DATAenligne.

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